Unique rosaries, Skull and Bone rosary, ethiopian rosary, unique chaplets, skull bone chaplets

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unique rosary beads, skull bead chaplets, skull prayer beads

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unique rosary beads, skull bead chaplets, skull prayer beads

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unique rosary beads

Unique Rosaries, Unique Chaplets, Skull Bead Rosaries
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Prayers for the Rosary

"The Lord's Prayer"

Our Father, Who Art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy Kingdom Come. Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive those who tress pass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.


Hail Mary
     Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus Holy Mary,  Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.  Amen.

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The miraculous medal used on many of my rosaries is the medal of the Immaculate Conception, commonly know as the Miraculous medal and is a cherished  Catholic devotion

The Blessed Mother Mary manifested the medal to Sister (now Saint) Catherine Laboure in 1830 and asked her to have the medal struck. Since then many millions of the medal have been used by Catholics around the world. Countless miracles have been attributed to the medal


Unique Chaplets

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Ethiopian Coptic Cross Chaplet
  with Fish Fetish

  Ethiopian Coptic Cross Chaplet w/ Fish Fetish
  This chaplet was made using round 10mm Jasper beads for the Hail Marys. I put on a tiny sacred heart Milagro medal made of bronze.
  Small Wooden Rondelle beads are used as spacers. These are sweetly embraced by tiny Heishi style brass spacer beads. From Africa, I have used 1 12mm brass ball bead, made by a tribe from Ghana for the Our Father.

Fish Fetish and Coptic Cross

  At this chaplets tail I used the old symbol of the early Christian’s the fish. This fish  is a casting of a fetish once used in the gold trade as a weight on a scale. The cross is a recast of an antique Coptic cross from Ethiopia 2 ¼  inches. Total length 13 inches
WAS $80

NOW $65


Sunflower Chaplet

Sunflower Autumn Jasper Chaplet
  This delightful 10 bead chaplet is made 15 using Autumn Jasper. The sunflowers are 18 x 16mm.
  The crucifix including bail is 1 ¾” bronze open work filigree and works so well with the open work blessed Virgin medal  (¾”) Total length 13 inches

center and crucifix sunflower chaplet  

WAS $65 NOW $50


Chunk Turquoise Chaplet

Turquoise Chaplet

If you like Turquoise, you will love the beauty of these six sided thinly veiled 75 mm x 10 mm very high quality Turquoise beads. The Crucifix is modern in design and stamped on the reverse side , “Made in Italy”. Tailored in appearance and has been antiqued.

Sterling Silver Dove Chaplet Tail

The tail of this chaplet is adorned with a Sterling Silver two sided design dove representing the Holy Spirit, the third part of the Blessed trinity. This beautiful chaplet is 14 inches long

 WAS $80

NOW $65


Coffee Break Chaplet

 Coffee Break Chaplet

Coffee is an art form in Italy, no one settles for a timid cup. Big, bold, robust and expressive is the order of the day.

Much like the lively brew from quality beans the same could be said about these bella Coffee agate crack round beads. They are NATURAL STONE with incredible character inside with excellent luster, smooth as glass surface and high quality.

Coffee Break Crucifix

I designed this piece like the traditional Irish (penal) chaplet.

This Irish style penal crucifix is a substantial 2 1/2 inches tall yet only 3/4 of an inch wide. They were made this way to be concealed in the hand if need be , put up a sleeve or hidden by a drop in a pocket.
 I designed this one a tad longer, no need to hide anymore!

At the tail is a brass ring to slip it on your thumb to pray your first decade. Then transfer your ring to your index finger, pray the second decade and proceed this movement until you have recited all five Mysteries. This requires a bit of doing at first until your fingers get the feeling for it.

Or you may decide you'd rather not use the ring like this and try something different. .

The Irish also used these rings as currency. Some strung them on a cord and wore as a necklace, that is until you were among the unfortunate set who  were robbed for being proud displaying your wealth fools that they were.

These striking coffee crackle beads I double capped them with vintage brass and in time and with daily use will once again develop a splendid patina with a warm looking glow about them.

The length of this beautiful work is 15 inches
    WAS $80

NOW $65


Zebra Chaplet

Zebra Jasper Bead CHAPLET

Don't forget to pack along this great looking Zebra Bead Chaplet on your next safari.   These high quality Natural Jasper stones are 14mm round with excellent luster ~ smooth to the touch

Italian Sterling Silver Crucifix

The crucifix is a modern design made in Italy. It measures 2 inches and near your piece is a tiny miraculous medal. Silver beads lie between the zebra beads.

This chaplet measures 10 1/2 inches in length. 

   WAS $75

NOW $60


Earth Tone Jade Chaplet

Earth tone chunky Jade chaplet

The wonderful earth tones on this pallet has a wide range from well saturated greens, into light hue of purple, into Ochoa with red, into olive then honey most with great spider veining.

These glossy well polished natural stones are jade. These are 14mm rectangular grade A and gorgeous to behold. And such good harmony vibes from them.

This chaplet is graced with a Coptic trinity cross hand cast from solid BRONZE. (1.5 in.)

Bronze Trinity Cross

For the end or tail of this prayer chaplet is a two sided dove representing the Holy Spirit, which is the third part of the Blessed Trinity. The trinity is also represented by the three small dots at each end of the cross.

Dove tail

The length of this chaplet is 13.5 inches. 



Gothic Jade Chaplet

Gothic Jade Chaplet

This Chaplet is made with jade I found at a very small shop off the beaten path in Chinatown here in San Francisco. These Rondelle shaped beads are 10mm in size and are double capped in vintage brass and have been cleaned up a bit but in a short time and use will produce again a very nice patina.

The stones have a multi colored mix of earthy tones of greens and rusty browns and honey hues within this pallet. Which are nicely interceded with darkest brown/black 4mm saucer beads of ebony

 Vintage Gothic Cross

The cross is very Gothic vintage 1.5 inches. The finger ring is brass from Ghana, Africa.

 Brass finger ring

These were used two ways, as weights for a scale during the gold trade and as currency as also an early Ireland did.

Within this one chaplet shows the culture of three lands. Chaplet is 10 1/2 inches.

$70 SOLD

  Brass Ball Trade Beads Chaplet

Chaplet Brass Ball Trade Beads

Do you enjoy African art, Culture and History? You might find these facts interesting

Some of the earliest Christians were know as The Copts living in Egypt. They designed many different Coptic Crosses.

 Brass Coptic Cross

They traveled to Ethiopia bringing with them Christianity along with their culture and art forms. After their departure, the making of their crosses soon began. As is this recasting of  this style Coptic cross. This one is 2.1/4 inches.

Along side of it I added a tiny sacred heart milago medal made of bronze. Out of Africa are these 12mm brass ball beads made using the Lost Wax technique and made by a tribe from Ghana for millennium. The tail of this prayer chaplet ends with a tail of a fish which is the old symbol used in secrecy of the early Christians for one another so they could mark locations of a meeting.

This fish is yours if you catch it. it is an early casting of a fetish once used in the African gold trade as a weight on a scale. This one however is not solid gold. It is brass. Still a catch which is sure to please.

This open chaplet measures 10 1/2inches.

WAS $65

NOW $50


unique rosary beads
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unique rosary beads
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